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Crypto currencies are ready for the main stream. We provide an easy and affordable way to bring free CryptoCashCow Token to everyone.
“Make Token available for each and every user in the world.”

The term “CryptoCashCow” reflects the current situation of Crypto in the world. Crypto is a CashCow. But not everyone has the financial possibilities to invest money in the market of Crypto. So CryptoCashCow provides a platform to get such token for free. Our goal is to allow everyone to trade CryptoCashCow token, therefore we will distribute token amongst all registered customers.

CryptoCashCow Tokens are multi Crypto Network Tokens. Every user has the possibility to use the Ethereum (ETH) or the Tron (TRX) network.

  Company Background

CryptoCashCow is based on a small team. A crypto specialist, a designer and a programmer. All members are experts with many years of experience. A small start up with a lot of potential to grow!

  What is CryptoCashCow?

CryptoCashCow is a platform where anybody can get a free CryptoCashCow. Every CryptoCashCow will produce CryptoCashCow Token (CCC). The CCC Token is based on a proven global architecture (ERC20 Token ethereum.org and TRX token tron.org). CryptoCashCow tokens are allready listed on six exchanges. So every user can trade their CryptoCashCow token on any exchange they want and experience the feeling of real traders.

  How does CryptoCashCow work?

CryptoCashCow offers up to 10 different cows. Each cow has different attributes:

  • cow level
  • produce coins per houre
  • design of the cow like (iot Cover, HODL Cover , LAMBO Cover, ….)
  • synthesize customized Cow Models

The first step is to register on our platform using e-mail and password. The next step is to choose one FREE cow or buy a better cow with CryptoCashCow token. After the buy process, the user gets this cow which will then start producing CryptoCashCow token. The user can decide how to spend these token.

Here are some possible options:

  • upgrade the current cow
  • buy an better cow
  • withdraw token to a private wallet or exchange for trading or hodling
  • buy a farm to extend the ammount of possible cow’s

The user can also create his own personal cow with a custom name and color. Every user can have as much cows as they want. The number of total cows per level is limited.

Costs per Cow  in CCC Token

CCC Cow Costs per Level

Output per Cow in CCC Token

CCC Cow payout per Level

  Why should you join?

the first cows are for FREE

lot of fun with the cows

get easy information about crypto and blockcain via a game

learn to mine and trade tokens

easy to improve your cows level and the token output

based on a state of the art solution

optimize your value-added synergies

present your cow to your friends on social media

get a crypto mooollionaire with CCC tokens

mine and sell your tokens

join our side and get your own exiting CryptoCashCow

join the next level in your cryptospace

crypto makes fun every day

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