Bug fixed on payout System

Thanks to the hint of Juliane we were able to fix a bug in our payout system. As a reward, we have paid 5000 CCC tokens to you! All missing Payout will be added. This takes a little more time. NO PAYOUTS GET LOST!!!

Main Investor Roon Inc.

The new year begins with fantastic news. We would like to introduce our main investor Roon. Inc. A company that invests in the potential of crypto currencies. In 2019 CryptoCashCow will continue to grow beyond itself! #CryptoCashCow #ToTheMoon #RoonInc

Happy New Year 2019

CryptoCashCow wishes you all a Happy New Year 2019 !!! And to start the year properly, there will 50% (VOUCHER->NEWYEAR2019) on Moon Cow until 02.01.2019! Celebrate properly and look forward to the year 2019! your CryptoCashCow Team !!!

Cow's named by stars

Never again cows without names. Cows Without names are now automatically named by the stars of this sky. CryptoCashCow ToTheMoon and much more! We are happy to record more names, just leave them in the comment!

Monthly Updates

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